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A lot of people love gambling, but, in some cases, gambling becomes a burden, as players become obsessed with all kinds of things and behaviors, which they think are capable of turning the odds in their favor. However, wearing so called lucky clothes or playing only on rainy days will not help you win. You must stay away from such obsessions if you want to enjoy gambling responsibly. Gambling is fun so do not turn it into something else. The following myths and facts are meant to help you become a more responsible player that finds gambling an enjoyable experience.

Myth number 1
: Gamblers can determine the outcome of these lottery games.

Fact number 1: Gamblers have absolutely no control over what is happening in a lottery game. There is nothing that players are capable of doing before the game, during the extraction or after it.

Myth number 2: Winners will be anonymous.

Fact number 2: While they care about their winners, data on the people that have won prizes with them is subject to public record, along with the prizes they have won, the game they have won, and the city they live in. They know that safety is important, but other players need to know that they are giving away prizes to real people, and that their business is legitimate. However, your phone number, your address, or other contact details, as well as personal data, will not be disclosed to the public.

Myth number 3: Buying more tickets for a game guarantees a win.

Fact number 3: While buying more tickets and playing more sets of numbers will increase your chances of winning, they do not guarantee success in any way. All the draws they perform are perfectly random, and it is only luck that dictates the outcome of the game. As stated earlier, no one has any control over the numbers that will be drawn, not even them, as the keepers of this game. You can play more tickets to get more opportunities to win, but do not expect guaranteed results, as there is no such thing.

Myth number 4: Studying the numbers that have already come out as winners will have an impact on future selections of numbers.

Fact number 4: They will always publish the winning numbers, and keep them on their website, so you can see them. However, studying them, even with extreme care, will not help you guess the winning numbers on the current week. They would like to remind you that the numbers that are drawn are completely random, and there is no formula to determine them.

Myth number 5: Lottery is for the poor without an education.

Fact number 5: Their studies indicate that the people playing the Megabucks Lottery are not much different from others. They represent the entire population, and they are not poorer or richer than average; also, their education level is varied, and there are plenty of college graduates that love playing the lottery.

Myth number 6: The Megabucks Lottery is financed by tax money.

Fact number 6: This business is only financed through ticket sales, and there is absolutely no tax money involved in its financing.

Myth number 7: Someone must always win.

Fact number 7: Like they said earlier, no one has any control over the winning numbers in this game. The jackpot is often carried over to the next week, if there is no winner.

Myth number 8: The Megabucks Lottery can adjust payout rates.

Fact number 8: The payout rates are totally controlled by verified software and there is no human interaction allowed in order to adjust them in any way. This is their manner of ensuring the transparency and honesty of their business, and they do not interfere in any way, nor do they adjust payout rates to influence the prizes their clients win with them.

Myth number 9: Annuity prizes can be confiscated by the state, if the winner dies after beginning to receive installments.

Fact number 9: The money gained through their system cannot be confiscated by the state. Winners are advised to name an heir after starting to receive the installments, but even if they do not do that, the legal heir will be entitled to their installments, and not the state.

Myth number 10: Some games can be luckier than others.

Fact number 10: Winning chances are always the same, no matter which games you play. The odds cannot be influenced in any way, so to think that some games can bring your more winnings, for such reasons, would be wrong.

Myth number 11: Players can recuperate their losses.

Fact number 11: Lottery games will recuperate the money given away in prizes over time, but players have no guarantees that they will make more money than the amount they play. Try to consider lottery games as nothing more but an enjoyable pastime, and never think of them as some kind of investment.